Important Required E License Pre-Course Material and FAQ

Please click on the link below for required pre-course material, read the full page, and follow the instructions below: 

     Scroll down to "E" License Candidate Guidebook and download (please bring this document to the course)

Scroll down to Pre-Course Candidate Assignments and follow the instructions below:
Complete Assignment #1:

Part-A  (Laws of the Game) Complete the US Soccer referee exam
Part-B (Small Sided Modified Rules).  Research and write a brief report on the rationale of modified small-sided games rules. Read and review the modifications for the following: 1 Field, 2 Ball, 3 Players, 5 Referee, 6 Assistant Referee, and 7 Duration of Game. Small Sided Modified Rules.

Complete Assignment #2:

Team Management (select one of the 3 assignment options)

Complete Assignment #3:

Risk Management Assignment (complete the Concussion Awareness online course)
After attending and completing the course, please complete the USSF Course Survey at the bottom of this link:

Important Required Reading prior to D License: (all candidates are required to have held their E License for at least 6 months) (click on the links to download pdf files)

Prevention and Care for Athletic Injuries
Care and Prevention Test
4v4 to 11v11 Progression
Candidate Assistance General Guidelines for Evaluating Soccer

USSF Best Practices - Development guidelines for players age 6-18

Check list for what to bring to the first day of the course:
Inflated soccer ball
Clip board and pen
Candidates should dress in order to participate in soccer activities to the best of their ability.
Water and lunch (Candidates will have 1 hour to travel off site for lunch if so desired.)
Candidate’s Guidebook
Completed assignment #1
Completed assignment #2
Completed assignment #3

One week prior to the course you will receive a welcome email.

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