Procedures for Hosting Tournaments

CJSA affiliated clubs wishing to host a tournament involving teams from the United
States must submit to the CJSA State Administrator the following items:
1. Properly completed US Youth Soccer Application to Host Tournament or
Games (must contain the President or Chief Office of the club’s signature)
2. Properly completed US Youth Soccer Hosting Agreement Form
3. Copy of the Certificate of Insurance
4. Copy of the Invitation and Team’s Application
5. Copy of the tournament’s rules
6. Copy of the Post Tournament Report (if applicable)
7. Fees (if any) charged by CJSA (Note: At present there are no CJSA fees)
*All tournaments must require a certificate of insurance from any non US Youth affiliate
team evidencing liability and player medical coverage. Minimum liability limits must
meet or exceed $1,000,000 and excess player medical limits must meet or exceed
$25,000. A team must produce evidence of insurance prior to the tournament.
The State Administrator will forward only properly and completely filled out requests to
the Tournament Committee. Reoccurring tournaments, without changes, will receive
sanctioning from the Tournament Chairperson after his/her review. All first time
tournaments will be placed on the agenda of the next appropriate BOD meeting for
CJSA clubs requesting sanctioning of a tournament must be in good standing. CJSA
requires that tournament fees be made payable to the hosting CJSA club.
A club may not advertise their tournament or send out invitations prior to securing
sanctioning from CJSA. If this does happen, the club is subject to sanctions by CJSA.
The CJSA Post Tournament Report MUST be received by the State Administrator no
later than thirty days following the completion of your tournament. All sections of this
report must be completed and you must sign and date the report.
*If your tournament has accepted a non US Youth Soccer team, a copy of their certificate of insurance must be included in this report.
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