Please read the following information prior to submitting your background check:

Data Privacy & Security Checklist
CJSA Privacy Policy regarding social security numbers

When an individual: does not wish to provide a social security number, may not be a citizen, or has another unique situation, CJSA WILL ACCEPT an FBI Background Check. Click here for procedure.


NOTE:  If you completed your background check during the 2010-2011 seasonal year, then you are required to complete a new background check to get verified within the registration system (background checks expire every 3 years). If you are uncertain as to whether or not you require a new background check, please contact your club registrar or club president, as they were given a list of names.

Please Note:  The best way to determine whether or not your coaches/adults have completed their background check is to upload your rosters. If a coach/adult has not completed a background check, he/she will be flagged on your roster and the roster will be ineligible for CJSA approval. 

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